Nokia EOS to be announced on July 11th: Zoom Reinvented

Just when I got a brand new Nokia Lumia 925 the Finnish mobile giant is now announcing a event to be held in NYC on July 11th entitled Zoom Reinvented. This will be the launch stage for the company’s next flagship Windows Phone 8 handset codenamed EOS.

Based on the recent leaks the Nokia EOS will feature a design similar to the Nokia Lumia 920 but with a gigantic PureView 41MP camera on the back like it’s grand father the Nokia 808. This camera module will also feature active OIS, a mechanical shutter and also mechanical focus. The rest of the specification is still a mystery (besides the screen size which will be 4.5 and the lack of wireless charging embedded in the handset) especially the SoC powering it.

On a side note: I’m currently in possession of a brand spanking Nokia Lumia 925 which I’m using as my daily driver replacing my defunct 920. If you have any question that you want answered don’t hesitate to post them in the comments or on Twitter here. Based on my early testing I’m not seeing a huge difference in terms of image quality in the shots taken with the Lumia 925 compared to the ones shot with the 920. Anyway, more to come..