Nokia EOS finally shows up in real life

The Nokia Unicorn aka Nokia EOS Windows Phone 8 handset long rumored to pack the same 41MP camera sensor introduced with the Nokia 808 has finally shown its face today in a series of leaks that stormed web a few hours ago. As you can see in the pictures posted below the Nokia EOS is a nearly identical design to the Nokia Lumia 920 with one big difference being the huge camera module with xenon flash which replaces the 8.7MP sensor of the 920. The EOS also doesn’t natively feature wireless charging and will require a add-on cover like the Nokia Lumia 925.

Other than that there’s not much known at all about the actual hardware specifications of the device besides what apparently looks like the exact same 4.5″ WXGA display and ceramic/zicornium hardware buttons as on the Lumia 920. The actual sensor size is still a mysteries thanks to the XX Mega Pixel marking on the prototype (similar to the Nokia 808 protos).

The biggest question though is the actual Qualcomm SoC powering this thing. Why? simply because the Snapdragon S4 SoC currently powering most WP8 phones only supports sensors up to 13.5MP while the Snapdragon S600 currently powering all high-end Android handsets only supports sensors up to 22 Mega Pixel. The only Qualcomm SoC which would be capable to natively support something higher is the yet to be released S800 which can go up to 55MP but is initially aimed at tablets. So there’s still a lot of unknowns about the Nokia EOS internals especially if it packs anything higher than 20MP.

The other major unknown is also the weight of the device. I personally don’t mind the size of the Lumia 920 but anything heavier (183g) would be too much for many including me. So what do you guys think of the beast? Tired of the Lumia 920 polycarbonate design or simply happy to see NOkia pumping out devices avery few months to fight back to the top?

sources: twitter, gsmarena, wpdang