Nokia Catwalk Windows Phone shows up in pictures: Looks ugly as sin

As you have probably already heard Nokia is apparently working on a new Windows phone handset featuring an aluminum body set to be released later this year. The Nokia Catwalk device (this is what it is being called right now) just showed up in 2 pictures originating from China. As you can see the handset has been slapped with the ugly stick and looks like a step back in terms of overall design compared to Nokia current range of Lumia handsets. Let’s hope that this is simply an early prototype and not the final design. Don’t you love the ugly back cover apparently made of plastic and the oddly placed micro-usb port on the top of the device?

Anyway, check out another shot of it after the break:

source: Baidu

  • jj

    This isn’t real win 8 phones have to have the USB on bottom for accessory support

  • Sam

    Is it a micro-hdmi port?