Nokia Catwalk Windows Phone shows up in pictures: Looks ugly as sin

As you have probably already heard Nokia is apparently working on a new Windows phone handset featuring an aluminum body set to be released later this year. The Nokia Catwalk device (this is what it is being called right now) just showed up in 2 pictures originating from China. As you can see the handset has been slapped with the ugly stick and looks like a step back in terms of overall design compared to Nokia current range of Lumia handsets. Let’s hope that this is simply an early prototype and not the final design. Don’t you love the ugly back cover apparently made of plastic and the oddly placed micro-usb port on the top of the device?

Anyway, check out another shot of it after the break:

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Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 picture leaked

Verizon’s variant of the Nokia Lumia 920 which has yet to be announced has just showed up earlier today in the form of PR image. The Nokia Lumia 928 seems to sport a polycarbonate body similar to the 920 and not an aluminum one like some of the rumors where claiming. The back features the same 8.7Mp PureView camera but this time coupled with a single LED flash for the Auto-Focus Assist and a Xenon Flash right next to it.

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Nokia Music for Windows 8 and RT released

Nokia has just released it’s first Windows 8 / RT Metro / Modern application today. This first (probably not last) Windows 8 application is Nokia Music and mimics the synonymous application already available on Nokia’s Lumia Windows Phones. The main difference though is that users can only listen to 30s song samples instead of the unlimited streaming found on Lumia Windows Phones.

Ironically Nokia Music technically craps all over Microsoft’s own Xbox Music app on the platform. It’s faster, smoother, has a better UI/UX etc… It is lightning fast on my Surface RT compared to the bloody mess that is Xbox Music and Video. Microsoft is once again being one-upped by Nokia similarly to what is often happening on the company’s mobile platform. Hit the break to watch the application in action and download it.

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