New Nokia Lumia 920 firmware adds new Storage management feature to Windows Phone 8

Those of you following me on Twitter must be aware that a new Nokia Lumia 920 firmware 1232.5957.1308.0004 popped up on Nokia’s server last night. I quickly grabbed it and flashed my handset late last night so I didn’t have much time to take a deep dive in it to see if there was anything new in there.

My first target today was to check out the camera to see if Nokia made any improvements in this sector. I personally can’t see much difference here besides better noise-reduction and sharpening in some select cases (the camera is already awesome but the algorithms can still some tweaks).

The big change though came a few hours later when the latest version of Nokia’s Extras+Info app was pushed to my handset. This activated a brand new feature named storage check which allows you to check your device’s storage (space used by apps, media, system etc) and also clear Temporary files as see in the screenshots above. There’s no denying that this feature will come in handy to all users who have been experiencing issues installing huge apps like Asphalt 7 Heat which requires a boatload to on-board storage for the whole installation process. Nokia’s been doing a awesome job supporting WP8 as usual..

  • Anonymous

    good job with luck they can clean up that other folder issue. I blame the hard links winsxs is a pinta I hope its not on win phone but im betting something similar is going on

  • Acekidder

    where do i get this app for my 920 cant seem to find it :(