Official Twitter app for Windows Phone updated: Finally worth it

The official Twitter application for Windows Phone 7/8 has finally been updated after nearly a year with a totally new UI and new features that make it worth it. Among the new goodies included are the lock screen support, pinning of any Twitter account to the start screen and most importantly a new beautifully snappy UI.

New navigation: Four new tabs – Home, Connect, Discover and Me – bring you closer to the things you care about.
•Home: View Tweets from the accounts you follow; tap a Tweet to expand it and see more content, such as photos, videos and website summaries
•Connect: Keep up with your mentions; see who has followed you or retweeted or favorited one of your Tweets
•Discover: See trends, and find new content on Twitter –– browse categories, find friends on Twitter and see suggestions for accounts to follow
•Me: Read and respond to your direct messages; see your lists, favorites and more; view and update your profile

Tweet and search icons: Compose a Tweet or search from anywhere in the app, using the new icon buttons in the Application Bar.

Live tiles: Pin Twitter accounts, lists and searches to your start screen, giving you quick access to some of your favorite Twitter content.

I’ve been using it for a few hours and frankly this is most probably the best version of the official Twitter client on any mobile platform. It’s super fast! What a change compared to the previous version. The only negative is the huge wasted space on the top with the tiny Twitter logo that frankly serves no purpose at all. Grab it right here.

  • CGN

    Little bird at top shows which account if multiple accounts added. Needs dark theme.

  • Robkrov

    Annoying app.. Not able to view the mention about other accounts. You can only see their tweets or am I missing something. I’ll stick to gleek..

  • Vince Klein

    Considerably below Mehdoh´s standard both in design and functionality.

    The official client suffers from the same problem as do so many WP8 apps:
    Very poor information density. The Iconbar is totally blown out of proportion and eats up way too
    much screen estate, curtailing space for tweets.