HTC UltraPixels vs Nokia Pureview and more ramblings

Numerous leaks, rumors or simply outright totally made up story are now starting to fill up the tubes as we get closer to Mobile World Congress later this month.

Let’s start with HTC who’s been a relatively bad spot lately while bleeding money. Ok, they are not really in such a bad financial shape but their shipments / sales and margins have been down in the past 24months with no signs of uptake. To get things back in line HTC has decided to somewhat mimic Nokia’s strategy by increasing its focus on lower-end smartphones aimed at “emerging” markets like China and also differentiates it’s higher-end handsets with top-notch camera optics.

Going against Nokia’s, on its own turf (camera optics) isn’t necessarily the wisest decision but HTC has definitely nothing to loose at this point. The company’s latest marvel is currently code-named the HTC M7 (Android handset btw) and made a cameo a few days ago in HTC’s CEO’s hands prior to its official unveiling later this month prior to MWC on February 19th.

So what’s so nice about the HTC M7 besides it’s 4.7” 1080P screen and Snapdragon S600? UltraPixels! What’s that you say? HTC’s answer to Nokia’s PureView Pro introduced with the Nokia 808 (not to be confused with PureView OIS on the Lumia 920). Instead of packing a gigantic sensor similar to the 808’s 41MP monster HTC is apparently opting to use something vaguely similar to Sigma’s Foveon 3X sensor. The HTC M7 is said to combine three 4.3MP sensor to result in a 13MP image which should be sharper and clearer than a conventional 13MP image. Will this be enough to counter Nokia and will the average Joe really care given that regular sensor like the ones found in best-selling handsets like the Galaxy line and iPhone’s seems to be sadly “enough”? Let’s wait to see how HTC’s marketing will spin this one up though.

Speaking of Nokia…there’s this persistent rumor about “real” PureView Nokia Lumia handset (because we all know that certain bloggers know more than Nokia about what’s real or not /s) packing the same 41MP sensor found in the 808 which is going to be announced during MWC. It’s best to be cautious about this piece of rumor simply because some things are currently technically challenging.

- Will this Nokia EOS Lumia Windows Phone also have Optical Image Stabilization? Because will be hard to do and make the handset even bulkier that the 808.
- What is exactly going to power this thing given that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S600 (aka S4/ S4 Pro) only supports sensors up to 20MP and only the upcoming Snapdragon S800 aka APQ8074/MSM8974 “supports” Sensors up to 55MP ( actually it is “photo merging into a master 55MPixel image”).

Grab some salt before getting your hopes. Secondly Nokia’s has more important issues on the table right now more important than paper-launching a new handset: What the hell is going on with the Nokia Lumia 920 supply? Everybody wants one but nobody can get one because there’s barely any stock. I’ve already seen a handful of users getting the HTC 8X simply because they couldn’t find a Lumia 920. Nokia also has some serious QA issues with its handsets lately after the Nokia Lumia 800 battery debacle comes the Lumia 920 Bluetooth kiss of death. Enabling BT on the 920 often results in the phone rebooting or simply dying (only a hard-reset button combo can revive it). I was reproduce this on two different handset and I’m definitely not the only one.

MWC definitely going to be interesting this year but I fear a whole lot of useless link-bait stories popping left and right in the coming weeks (in case you didn’t get the memo: ad revenue is going down the drain lately so most websites have to keep posting more and more useless crap to generate traffic in hopes to get few dollars..).

  • catsup

    Like the article. I knew the s800 has two ISPs. So when they claimed 55MP, I was thinking two 55MP at once? Holy ish!! But now that makes more sense.. But what about add their own ISP? Hasn’t HTC already done that with the Titan2? Different thought.. Don’t know about the Bluetooth thing you’re talking about.. I’ve had Bluetooth on for 24/7 pretty much since I got my PowerUp a week after I got my phone(which has been just over a month).. Never had Bluetooth kill my phone. But my screen is made of sugarglass or something. I already have like ~20-30 light scratches and ~5 deep ones.. I know generalthedestroyer was complaining about his scratching, but I didn’t know if it was that common. My Titan1 survived a whole year with only ~5-10 light scratches..

  • Daniel

    Is it really “Optical” image stabilization? Because that would mean that they have a moving lens or a moving camera. I somewhere read that they use the gyro to do image stabilizaton (which is not “real” OIS).