Kindle app for Windows Phone 8 released

Amazon has just released the Windows Phone 8 version of its Kindle application today with support for realizable Live Tiles and most importantly improved performance when turning pages. As you can see above the new app also feature Kindle’s new logo which looks really nice on the start screen. Beware that you will have to uninstall your previous version of the application before installing the WP8 release if you want to get the software to load (a simple update won’t be enough).

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Nokia City Lens with SightLine for Windows Phone 8 released

Nokia has finally updated the Nokia City Lens for Windows Phone 8 with the SightLine building occlusion feature that was introduced back in December 1st 2012 in the Windows Phone 7 version of the application. Here are the new features introduced in the WP8 version:

  • See just what’s in front of you. Normally, City Lens shows you all the places nearby—even around the corner or a block away. In crowded areas, that can be a lot to take in. Our new Sightline features lets you switch your view to only what’s in your direct line of sight, making it easier to spot great places that are right in front of you.
  • Quick info– Get information while you look. Now you can quickly view a place’s address without leaving your camera view. Just tap to view the information overlaid on your display while you keep scanning. When you’re ready to learn more about the place, another tap pulls up its complete information.
  • Pause your view. When scanning your surroundings in camera view, you can now freeze your view and study your options without having to keep your phone pointed at the target.
  • Pin categories to start– Your most common searches with a tap. City Lens now lets you pin favorite categories to your home screen. Now wherever you are, you can find something you love nearby with just a tap.
  • Create Live Tiles– What you want at a glance. City Lens lets you search for your favorite things whether it’s books or sushi and lets you pin your favorite searches to your home screen.

You can grab it right now from the marketplace.