HTC and Nokia working on Windows RT tablets

News has just broke (or should I say “rumor”) that HTC is working on two Windows RT tablets that should launch in 2013. A 12inch and another 7inch device powered by a Qualcomm SoC which will probably be a SnapDragon S4 Pro (Quad-Core with Adreno 320). This story follows up recent rumors that Nokia is also hard at work on a similar device with the same Qualcomm chipset.

Talk about a Nokia Windows 8 tablet surfaced last summer (and here) but the Finnish company apparently decided not to take too much risk and wait for Microsoft Surface release to see if this whole endeavor is worth it. Unfortunately all of these rumors ,which should be taken with a pinch of salt, only make my decision to get a Surface RT even harder given that they will most probably be powered my a much faster SoC.

source: Bloomberg

  • Vince Klein

    If W8 is going to make any impact in the tablet or phablet market, it has to support 1080p.
    Today´s solutions looks 2nd best in comparison to iOS and Android offerings. MS is too far behind the curve pretty much across all categories. Surface et. al. are decent offerings but the underlying platforms are budget level and it shows even though some of the performance problems can be attributed to W8 software. Nevertheless Tegra 3 and 720p screens don´t cut it in a >250 USD device.