Nokia Lumia 920 hands on videos: Hardware and Software tour

Better late than never right? Here are my first videos of my Nokia Lumia 920 in action that I shot a week ago (sorry didn’t have much time to post them earlier). The first one is a simple hardware tour of the device followed by a software tour with a short performance comparison against the Nokia Lumia 800. Finally, the third video is a demo showing Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive and Nokia Transit / Transport integration in the Windows Phone 8. Hit the break to watch them:

Nokia Lumia 920 Hardware tour:

Nokia Lumia 920 Software tour:

Nokia Lumia 920 Software tour part 2:

Want to see more? Don’t hesitate to ask me if you want me to soot something else. Stay tuned for more in the coming days

  • mantugaul

    great review…thanks for showing the nokia drive + …really helpful

  • Anonymous

    Does Nokia Drive+ finally read out the street names instead of giving just distances? I.E. “Turn left on Fake Street” vs. “In 100 ft. turn left”

  • Anonymous

    Oops, just re-watched the video and saw the section talking about this… I missed it the first time. Thanks!

  • nishsingh

    More of a Windows Phone 8 question – can you paste a number onto the dial screen now? This wasn’t there in WP7.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Unfortunately this still can’t be done ????