Windows Phone 8 Apollo Plus update to be released early next year. Windows Phone 7.8 coming real soon

Microsoft’s first update to Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo is apparently codenamed Apollo Plus (or Apollo +) as set to be unveiled / released OTA during Mobile World Congress at the end of February 2012. This definitely isn’t a shocker given that windows Phone 8 still has some rough edges and that Microsoft will have to announce/show at least something slightly new in Barcelona (alongside brand new hardware from Nokia?). This Apollo Plus update will finally ad VPN support to Windows Phone (missing since Windows Mobile 6.X has been ditched) and several other fixes and additional tweaks. If all goes as planned I should be present in Barcelona this year to over MWC.

After months of silence on the subject Microsoft has finally stated that news about Windows Phone 7.8 should be coming in the coming weeks. There’s obviously still no official datefor the roll out but devices in China are already sporting the latest OS update. From the looks of it (see video below) the overall appearance has been made has closely similar to WP8 as possible (Office Tile, Windows Phone boot screen) with some minor WP8 features ported back to the CE version (like using the Bing daily image as a lock-screen background)

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  • Dente

    If they announce it at MWC, we won’t see it until end of march at the earliest. That’s a awful long timeframe for a “fix” (I don’t expect any major features in Apollo+ release). The feature gap (not everbody needs it but iOS and Android support it) is already very big. Siri/GoogleNow, Airplay/Miracast, Hardware dongles (creditcard readers) might not be very important features but obviously new customers will judge a platform negatively by the ommission – in a way like you can’t put out a OS without copy/paste.

  • Vince Klein

    I concur and it shows the current shape WP8 is in. Seams showing and not even core functionality nailed. TBH, I am shocked at what MS pushed out of the door after the yearlong wait for WP8. As much as I liked my Lumia 920 despite some trade-offs, I really can´t wait to return my unit.