Windows Phone 8 phones now available on all major carriers world wide: But are they selling?

For those of you who have been living under a rock or simply on vacation just like me here a small reminder: Windows Phone 8 has really launched and most of the major carriers in the world are selling WP8 handsets from HTC or Nokia. What I would like to know though is if any of you have seen TV ads, Street ads, magazine ads etc in your respective countries or if Microsoft is still failing to promote its mobile platform just like it has ever done?

Several TV ads are apparently currently being aired across the world since last week so did you actually see them (note that each region/country has its on version with its local celebrity)? Verizon has also started to sell the Nokia Lumia 822 and HTC Windows Phone 8X yesterday which is kind of a big news in the US. From what I have seen pricing and availability has been a bit spotty throughout the world especially on carriers which is really disappointing as this seems to always be the case with Windows Phone devices compared to the iPhone which is always available everywhere on the same day with enough stock or even flagship Android handsets like Samsung’s.

Speaking of Samsung…these guys are simply all over the place! I’m seeing huge billboards, street ads, in-store booth for their products in each major country I go. Unfortunately nothing about windows Phone but the Korean giant is heavily promoting Windows 8 and its ATIV Smart PC (Dubai was full of ads for this tablet). Surprisingly I saw the only Lumia 920 billboard you see in the picture above in Dubai even-though the device has yet to be released there.

In terms of pricing, Nokia’s Lumia 920 and 820 variants are cheaper than HTC’s if you decide to get one with a carrier contract which means that the Finnish company has once again decided to get’s it’s hardware heavily subsidized by the operators to be able to compete with the other major players. So did you take you already get yourself a Windows Phone 8 device? If so, Which one and why? I should be getting a Nokia Lumia 920 later today so you get expect a lot more coverage on here in the coming days. If you are in the US then don’t hesitate to hit the Amazon links below to check out their offers as they usually have single days discounts on flagship devices (the 920 was $49.99 a few days ago).

  • Tom

    this article is wrong, they are not available in the netherlands

  • Anonymous

    no ads i have seen banners at corp att stores but I’m on tmo in the US i have not gone in to see the displays

  • Dan

    Plenty of ads for the Surface, WP8, and Windows 8 in the north eastern USA. I got a 920 last week and am very happy with it.

  • Hal Berenson

    I’ve seen both Microsoft and Nokia/AT&T TV ads. There is definitely a level of promotion going on that was missing from the WP7.5 launch. And while the original WP7 launch featured a brief flurry of intense promotion, this campaign is far far better. Of course, I discovered that availability in stores (even of demo units) may not be keeping up with the promotion ( and that has me a little worried.
    The key will be for Microsoft and its partners to keep up the promotion long enough that the public has “Windows Phone 8″ burned into their brains.

  • Anonymous

    Billboards all over Munich, Germany. Was very surprised. Got mine week and a half a go. Very pleased, beautiful device.

  • Olmeca

    tested one for some hours – great device. ordered one and waiting…

  • Jack

    Tom, KPN is actually selling the HTC 8X since last week. They are however not promoting at all. Also no WP8 Lumia’s, no Samsung Ativ S and no HTX 8S yet. I called KPN and asked them about it. The person on the line advices me to wait for the Samsung model as that one would better (battery, screen) and have a quad core (…..)

  • Groover1971

    One “major carrier” that does not have a WP is Sprint in the US.