Nokia Lumia 920 hands on video

The Nokia Lumia 920 heavy. Now that we got this out of the way let’s focus on what makes this phone great: worldwide LTE support, inductive wireless charging, gorgeous PureMotionHD+ 1280×768 screen and exceptional camera with OIS. Did I mention the perfect build quality? Well there you have it. Sounds like the perfect phone right? Unfortunately nothing is perfect and the Lumia 920 really is a heavy handset especially when you have handled the Samsung ATIV S and the Windows Phone 8X by HTC just a few minutes later. This is not to say that I won’t be getting one but I definitely understand people complaining about the 920′s bulkiness. I for example wouldn’t recommend it to my wife but then again she really love Nokia Drive so..decision will have to be made between Nokia’s flagship and HTC’s surprisingly nice Windows Phone 8X.

Anyway, check out my short hands-on video after the break:

I should be getting my review sample in a bit more than 2 weeks. I could have gotten one earlier but I’m soon leaving to go on vacation on the other side of the planet to I’ll have to wait until I come back to get my tiny hands on this crazy piece of technology. The Nokia Lumia 920 will be available tomorrow in France (October 30th) and then in the UK one day later. Other countries should follow shortly after but carrier availability isn’t expected before the first/second week of November.

  • Krov

    Is it going to be possible to share videos to facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc just the same way as you can share pictures?

  • Ed

    I hate my Lumia 920. The screen locks ever 5 minutes. You cannot disable it. Try getting driving directions and the map goes dark and locks. Hand the phone into the backseat to you 4 year old to watch a movie, and it goes dark and locks, 20x per hour. This phone sucks.
    To make it more of a stick in the eye, it ‘warns’ you it will lock by dimming the screen. You take your hands off the wheel and dive to tap the display, only to find that the LiveTiles are active and you just launched some app by mistake. That’s right, the gray screen does not overlay, it is just dimming the active surface. Suck.
    Want more? The wireless charger has a proprietary cable. You bend it you buy another one..
    More? The UI is slow. Remove it from the charger and 30 seconds later, “bing bong” I’m off the charger.
    This phone blows. I want my WP7 HTC back. At least it wasn’t buggy like this.