HTC Windows Phone 8X hands on

The relatively good surprise of last night’s Windows Phone 8 launch event was my hands on experience with HTC’s new flagship handset the Windows Phone 8X. Contrary to what most people assumed the devices’ build quality is nearly perfect and on par with Nokia’s Lumias. But the most striking feature is in my opinion the handset’s weight (130g) and overall in hand feeling. Like I said earlier the Nokia Lumia 920 is heavy, especially when you compare it to the 8X and ATIV S.

The 16:9 aspect ration and screen size result in a relatively narrow and tall device that feels like an iPhone 5 in the hand (this isn’t bad thing folks) making it quite useable with one hand compared to the 920 and ATIV S. The 8X also has the highest PPI density of all of the current high-end devices on the market so if you really what pitch perfect rendering then this one’s for you. The SLCD2 panel also has nice viewing angle as you will see in the video below. I can’t really discuss the device’s overall performance given that the ones I played with apparently didn’t run the latest firmware so I’ll just have to wait until I receive my review sample. It’s just a shame that the Windows Phone 8X only comes with 16GB and doesn’t support LTE though.

  • sasukeeee

    is PPI density more than LG nexus 4???

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yes. The 8X is 342ppi vs 320ppi on the Nexus 4 and 331ppi on the Lumia 920

  • sasukeeee

    well, if we comping the PPI with screen resolution which one is the best for quality in pictures and texts ??