HTC Windows Phone 8X hands on

The relatively good surprise of last night’s Windows Phone 8 launch event was my hands on experience with HTC’s new flagship handset the Windows Phone 8X. Contrary to what most people assumed the devices’ build quality is nearly perfect and on par with Nokia’s Lumias. But the most striking feature is in my opinion the handset’s weight (130g) and overall in hand feeling. Like I said earlier the Nokia Lumia 920 is heavy, especially when you compare it to the 8X and ATIV S.

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Nokia Lumia 920 hands on video

The Nokia Lumia 920 heavy. Now that we got this out of the way let’s focus on what makes this phone great: worldwide LTE support, inductive wireless charging, gorgeous PureMotionHD+ 1280×768 screen and exceptional camera with OIS. Did I mention the perfect build quality? Well there you have it. Sounds like the perfect phone right? Unfortunately nothing is perfect and the Lumia 920 really is a heavy handset especially when you have handled the Samsung ATIV S and the Windows Phone 8X by HTC just a few minutes later. This is not to say that I won’t be getting one but I definitely understand people complaining about the 920′s bulkiness. I for example wouldn’t recommend it to my wife but then again she really love Nokia Drive so..decision will have to be made between Nokia’s flagship and HTC’s surprisingly nice Windows Phone 8X.

Anyway, check out my short hands-on video after the break:

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Gameloft announces 12 new games for Windows Phone 8: Modern Combat 4, Spider Man and more

Gameloft has just issued a press release announcing 12 new high end 3D games for Windows Phone 8. Among them are several big names that are already out on iOS and Android but also the new installment of the companies Call of Duty like franchise: Modern Combat 4. Here’s the full list of WP8 goodies coming out in the coming months:

- Ice Age Village
- N.O.V.A. 3: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance
- Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
- Shark Dash
- Asphalt 7: Heat
- The Dark Knight Rises
- UNO™ & Friends
- Order & Chaos Online
- The Amazing Spider-Man
- Fashion Icon
- Poker for Prizes
- Real Soccer 2013

Check out the full press release after the break and hope for more AAA game announcements in the weeks to come:

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Windows Phone 8 launches with new features, Skype and new apps

Most of you have probably already seen the full Windows Phone 8 event that was live streamed earlier today so I won’t write an essay about everything that was shown. Instead let’s do a quick recap on what was new or simply not yet officially unveiled since Windows Phone 8′s initial announcement a few months ago.

First of all Microsoft announced the newest version of Skype for Windows Phone 8. This new version of the app will fully integrate into the OS and allow seamless VOIP calling through the phone dialer and more features like background notifications and lock-screen integration. What’s new here (for Windows Phone) is that the Skype service will constantly be running in the background even if the app wasn’t triggered by the user. this means that calls or other notifications like messages will arrive as if they were regular phone calls or SMS. Most of the functionality of the UI and People/contact integration of the WP8 app are similar to the windows 8 version that was released just 2 days ago. Checkout the video below for a quick demo:

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Samsung ATIV S Hands On

I finally had the chance to handle the first ever Windows Phone 8 handset announced which is also the one that nobody ever saw in the flesh since its first unveiling back in the summer: the Samsung ATIV S. As you probably all already know the ATIV S for the most part the Windows Phone 8 variant of the Samsung Galaxy S3 with a fresh new design and what looks like a slightly better screen. I admit that I’m definitely not sure of this but the 4.8″ 720P Supper AMOLED panel doesn’t seem to have the same PenTile sub-pixel array as the S3 and is closer to the one found on the new Galaxy Note 2. The screen really has the best viewing angles of any phone I have ever handled but as its usual the case with Samsung the color calibration seems to be totally off.

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