Nokia Xpress cloud based browser for Lumia handsets released

Everybody knows by now that all of the current Windows Phone 7.X handsets on the market won’t be upgradeable to Windows Phone 8 and thus won’t have access to many of the new features packed in the OS. One of them is the Cloud/server based page compression that will be available as an option in IE10 to help users reduce their monthly data usage by compressing web content on Microsoft’s servers and pushing-it down to the handsets similar to what Opera introduced with Opera Mini many years ago and whet Microsoft developed for Windows Mobile 5.X as an R&D project named Deepfish back in 2007.

Today Nokia is releasing the beta version of a similar concept via an new application named Nokia Xpress for all Nokia Lumia handsets. Instead of enumerating of all the features I’ll leave with the promotional video embedded after the break and a shortlist of notable functionalities.

- Data Usage Monitoring – Data usage and savings are reported as a live tile on the start page and via a detailed dashboard in the app, giving you a quick view of your data usage and savings.
- Saved Pages – store any web page locally to view later from the “Saved Pages” screen or pinned to the start screen, even with no cellular data connection. Useful in situations like checking in with your mobile boarding pass at the airport when there’s no coverage, or preparing your reading list for the train ride home.
- Save to SkyDrive – love that new video? Save it to SkyDrive with just a click without having to use any of your precious data plan. The video will be waiting for you on SkyDrive where you can download it later when you’re on Wi-Fi, at your PC or on a preferred data connection. Share it easily with your friends. (MP4, PDF and other file types are supported)
- Translations – one click language translation is available for virtually any web page, making more content accessible to you. Just navigate to the page you’re interested in, tap on the ‘translate to’ option in the app menu and select from one of the 10 currently available languages. The Nokia Xpress internet platform will do all the work for you.
- Magazine – Nokia’s unique Magazine feature automatically asks you if you want to add sites with feeds to your collection as you visit them. It then presents the feeds to you in an appealing, easy-to-use magazine layout. Turn the pages with a swipe to quickly and easily read what most interests you.

Nokia even designed the URL bar to look like the one found in windows Phone 8 where you can set the left icon to open the tabs.

You can download right now to your Lumia handsets by scanning the QR code below.