Windows Phone 8 finally hits RTM

After a slight delay Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 has finally hit RTM status yesterday has you can see in the picture posted above showing Microsoft VP Terry Myerson signing on the big WP8 RTM billboard alongside other developers. Windows Phone 7 originally passed RTM on September 1st 2010 with devices hitting retail in November, while Mango hit RTM on July 27th 2011 with device shipping in October. If past history is any indication it’s obviously going to be a little be tricky for the OEMs and carriers to get the first batch of devices on the market before November at the earliest. The latest whisper on the streets are still pointing to an early November launch for the Nokia Lumia 920 though…

The official Windows Phone 8 launch event is still expected to take place on October 29th but if still can’t wait to see what’s new in WP8 check out my detailed story about the new platform here and here.

source: Weibo via LiveSino

  • Anonymous

    I believe Europe got WP7 devices first on October 7th (or maybe it was October 20th), with the US tagging behind on November 8th. So a WP8 release on November 2, 2012 is very feasible.

  • steveC

    Does it support the BBC iplayer YET!!!