Samsung SGH-T899 Windows Phone 8 user agent spotted headed to T-Mobile

Not a whole lot of exciting things happening in the Windows Phone world lately given the imminent release of the Windows Phone 8 SDK which should take long (it has leaked just in case you missed it..) and the falls launch of the WP8 phones. The “officially” revealed Samsung Odyssey handset is apparently also named the Samsung SGH-T899 and headed to T-Mobile if the device’s user-agent is to be believed.

That’s really all folks. I know, nothing earth shattering but things should start to get a tiny bit more interesting in the coming days with the official release of the RTM code of Windows 8 (if you are and MSDN subscriber like me) and more official reveals of the many new consumer features to be found in Windows Phone 8 later this year.

source: TMoNews