Nokia Camera Extras and Nokia Play To released for Lumia handsets

As promised earlier this week Nokia has finally officially released the Nokia Camera Extras and Nokia Play To application for the Lumia 610, Lumia 710, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 handsets. I’ve already covered the Camera Extras application in previous post so just head over after the break to see the features in action. Unfortunately there’s nothing really earth-shattering knowing that those extensions are basically implemented via an application and not part of the native camera app (OEMs can’t modified it in WP7.X). Because of this the new extensions are not available to the user if the camera is launched while the phone is locked. There are also performance issues which I guess are related to the rather “old”  SoC powering the phone and the panorama tech appears to be half broken on my Lumia 800′s (waiting for the Tango update on June 27th to see if it changes anything to the sensors accuracy).

On the other hand,Nokia Play To is perfectly functional and now allows Music sharing in addition to pictures and video (compared to the earlier Beta). This one is a really great addition to the phone. Both application are currently only available to US and Chinese users. other countries will get them in the coming days. Download the Nokia Camera Extras here and Nokia Play To here .

  • Daniel Sousza

    Getting a “This app is not available for your device” – unbranded Lumia 800, Germany

  • MobileTechWorld

     As I noted above;they are only available in the US and China right now..

  • Joshua Legare

    Maybe its the Tango update… The Camera Extras do show up in the native camera under settings on my Lumia 900. So launching the camera from the lock screen can still take advantage of the new features.

    However I can’t get Play To working. Maybe it doesn’t support Xbox yet? Seems like a big oversight of that’s the case. Maybe it’s operator error though!