Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile to carry Windows Phone 8 devices this fall

The three major US carriers have pledged support for Microsoft’s recently unveiled Windows Phone 8 platform and announced that they will carry Apollo based devices by the end of the year. An AT&T spokesperson had the following to say:

“AT&T plans to carry a new line of Windows Phone 8 smartphones launching later this year. The unmatched leader in Windows Phone – offering the very first 4G LTE Windows Phone smartphones in the U.S. – AT&T is home to the most robust Windows Phone portfolio of any carrier.”

Verizon will also finally get off its lazy butt:

“We have said publicly that we will support the Windows Phone 8 platform,”

While T-Mobile issued an official blog post on the matter:

We’re bullish on the future of Windows Phone. In fact, IDC’s report out earlier this month predicts Windows Phone will surpass iOS by 2016 – and we expect Windows Phone to continue to play a prominent role in our product portfolio and marketing efforts. Microsoft announced today that T-Mobile will be among the launch partners for the Windows Phone 8 release later this year, and we’re excited to bring new, innovative Windows Phones to market.

sources: T-Mobile, PCMAG