Nokia supporting Windows Phone 7 Lumia phones with new features and apps

Nokia is about to release a bunch of new (or not so new) application and updates in the coming days for its line of Lumia handsets as a way to appease current owners who may feel shafted by the fact that their handset won’t be upgradable to Windows Phone 8 but will instead get Windows Phone 7.8 which should include several unannounced features besides the new WP8 start screen.

Nokia Play To which was released as a beta a little while ago should hit the marketplace fairly soon while Nokia Drive 3.0 is set to be released this summer. The much anticipated Camera Extra features will be made available in June/July depending on your region.

Nokia is also going to update Nokia Maps with offline support, Nokia Transit will also see the retail release of the current beta version and there’s also going to be Nokia Counter app (to track your phone data usage similar to Windows Phone 8′s datasmart feature).

Other enhancements are also coming in upcoming firmwares like the ability to silence the phone’s ring by flipping the devices (first introduced by HTC a few years ago..). Here’s a short recap:

The Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 800 Tango update will start rolling out Globally on June 27th. THe Camera Extras and Play To applications will be available in the US and Chinese Marketplace on June 22th and later worldwide. The Contact share and Data Counters application will be released on June 22th China and July in other countries.

  • Anonymous

    That flip-to-silence feature has been present on my old Nokia 5800 XM for a couple of years now. Nokia definitely had it before HTC. The flip-to-silence also worked on text messages and alarms.