Windows Phone 8 screenshots leaked

They are indeed really small and blurry but do look like the real deal. A handful of Windows Phone 8 screenshots have apparently leaked earlier today ahead of the June 20th unveiling. So let’s take a closer look at what we’ve got here.

The first screenshot you see above is the DataSmart functionality which was discuss by Joe Belfiore in an internal Nokia video a few months ago that Pocketnow had in its possession. This will allow user to track their cellular/Wifi data usage per app and per service.

This screenshot shows the video call integration in the Windows Phone 8 without the need of any thrid party application like Tango for example. Skype and the soon to be launched RCS-e standard:

RCS-e is the latest version of Rich Communication Suite (RCS) which will enable mobile phone end users to use instant messaging (IM), live video sharing and file share across any mobile phone on any network operator.

You can see the Skype and RCS-e integration in a contact profile in the screenshot above.

This one is the new Camera application viewfinder which will feature the soon to be announced Lense feature which was hinted at earlier and already coming soon to Nokia Lumia WP7.5 handsets.

This last one is nothing more than the upcoming Nokia Drive 3.0 application for Nokia Lumia handsets. There’s still no release date for it but Nokia is already field testing it internally and should release to the public in the coming months. Nokia Maps will also be updates with offline support and Microsoft is helping Nokia to make Maps and Drive communicate together (it’s not yet know if this will be a Windows Phone 8 only feature or not though).

The Million dollar question is still the same though: Will your current Windows Phone 7 device be upgradable to Windows Phone 8 ? Well, grab some salt, and be patient because we will know soon enough…

source: nokiainnovation

  • Rusty Mcdowell

    So just hit the break to see what Microsoft has been cooking for this
    fall release and some nice features that have been long overdue.