Nokia Lumia Camera Extension features unveiled

The much anticipated update to the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900 camera has finally been officially unveiled in a press event in Honk Kong two days ago. As you probably already know the latest Tango roms already include some new improvements including a video quality settings added to the video recording settings menu. The upcoming Camera Extension feature will added several shooting modes that have already been hinted at in the latest firmware bits but have yet to be fully exposed to the end users: Action Shot, Self Timer, Panorama and Smart Group Shot.The latest mode named smart group shot is the most interesting one given that it will be the first ever commercial implementation of a feature that has already been teased by RIM for the upcoming BB10 OS named Timeline Lens (which was developed by Scalado and originally named “Scalado Rewind”. In this SmartGroup shot mode the camera will be constantly shooting pictures at a high burst rate during a short period of time and then face detect the human beings in the pictures. This will then allow the user to manually tweak the final image by choosing the best possible face expression of the people taking the pose. You can check it out in action in the video after the break:

It is not yet know if the Camera Extension feature will be added via a Firmware update or an application through the marketplace. Those features will accessible directly from the camera settings sub menu of the native camera app similar to what is already being done by HTC on its Windows phone 7 handsets. Several other features like a data counter will also be made available by to Nokia to all Lumia users worldwide in the near future.

Source: Welovewp & blogjackphone

  • Patrik Star

    These are some welcomed additions :)
    Something, I would really love to see in the future is the ability to manually adjust focus because sometimes the autofocus does not what I want (I know there is tap to focus).

    Also, there is no zooming while recording a video yet.

    Still a lot of work ahead Nokia :)

  • ChrisK

    I hope these additions come soon. Maybe with Tango? Would be nice to see them in the coming weeks.