Nokia Drive 2.0 With offline navigation and Updated Nokia Maps released

Nokia has finally released the much anticipated 2.0 version of Nokia Drive for it’s Windows Phone line of Lumia handsets today which includes Offline navigation, speed alerts, on the fly rerouting and multiple routes suggestion. This update essentially fixes every single issue I had with the initial version. The dashboard has also been updated to display the time until arrival for example. I just got my hands on it and will shoot a short hands on video in the coming hours so make sure to come back here.

Nokia Transport aka Nokia Transit is also out of beta (hands-on video) and available right now in the marketplace.

Nokia Maps has also been update with several new features and enhancement which I will cover shortly once I finish playing with Nokia drive. UPDATE: Live traffic is available in the following countries: USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Belgium, Russia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, UK, France, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, India and UAE. Unfortunately this feature isn’t present in Nokia Drive 2.0. You can grab both apps directly from the Nokia Collections section of the Windows Phone marketplace.

Nokia Lumia 800 PR 1.2 1600.2487.8107.12070 update rolling out worldwide

Those of you patiently waiting for the PR1.2 / 12070 update to be rolled out to their Nokia Lumia 800 handsets should be happy to learn that it’s has finally hit Europe and the US as I’m getting reports that carrier and non carrier branded handset are receiving the update notification. As a reminder here’s what new in the PR 1.2 firmware and if you can’t wait anymore you can simply update you handset manually by following the instructions I posted here. Also note that this firmware introduces an annoying audio volume bug (sound level is totally buggy when there are more than one audio channel being played at the same time among other things) that should hopefully be fixed in an upcoming update which will also include an updated camera app (with an integrated panorama feature similar to the one found in the Creative Studio app)