World record video wall made of 144 Windows Phones

Here’s a not so serious news blurb about a neat looking project which involves a whole lot of Windows Phones. Finnish company Symbio decided to break the Blinkendroids “largest animated mobile phone mosaic” (72 phones) with 144 Window Phone handset (mainly HTC Trophy 7 and LG Optimus 7 devices) all controlled by a 145th Windows Phone via WiFi at Microsoft’s TechDays 2012 event in Helsinki. Here’s what Jani Nevalainen, the project instigator, describes it:

We did it with 144 client WP phones, which were actually old work phones from Microsoft Finland, mainly HTC Trophy and LG Optimus 7 – not a single Lumia was used. They lend them for us to try this when they heard our idea of trying to connect as many WP phones as possible together. One phone (144+1, so actually we used 145 phones) was giving sync signals to all client phones and telling them when to change and to what the display image. The client could show videos and still pictures. There was a laptop running http server, and initially when first time run, they downloaded the content from there, but after that no longer required the http server at all. The record it broke was Blinkendroids “largest animated mobile phone mosaic”, which is currently (officially 72, unofficial is 112 or so).

The team was one coder and two guys creating the videos and two guys who built the stand and drilled holes for chargers.

Chek out the whole thing in action after the break

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