Nokia Windows 8 tablet rumored to ship later this year powered by Qualcomm

If you have been paying close attention to Stephen Elop recent interviews there’s no doubt that Nokia will introduced a windows 8 tablet at some point in the future. This may very well at the end of the year to align with the OS launch (and probably also Windows Phone 8). According to the latest rumors the 10inch screen device will be powered by a Dual-Core Qualcomm SoC Which will probably be the Snapdragon S4 Pro (with the Adreno 320 GPU) and will ship in Q4 2012. Nokia is also said to have commissioned Compal again to built 200 000 of those devices (similar to how Compal help manufacture the Lumia 800).

Small question to all my readers: Are you ready to sacrifice backwards compatibility and choose a Windows On ARM Tablet or will you prefer a X86 Windows 8 powered Slate?

Update: Forgot to say that I curentlyown a SAmung Slate 7 with the W8 CP running on it. Best of both words (CoreI5, Wacom Pen digitizer etc..) but battery life is deffinitly far from iPad standards. On the plus side: it totaly destroys any competing IOS or Android tablet on the market (or even the Tegra3/SanpdragonS4 powered ones in terms of performance.

source: Digitimes

  • Joemacdonald

    I’ll go arm tablet for Surfing net and e mails! All I really need it for and to get shot of my I pad.

  • Anonymous

    Still haven’t made up my mind on WoA vs. x86.

    WoA seems like a bad compromise given the limitation of only having metro-style apps generally available. The dream tablet scenario of simplified interface while mobile/full-on-desktop when docked is impossible in that case. 
    That being said, you can be sure WoA tablets will have much better battery life/portability than its x86 counterparts. 

    Decisions, decisions…

  • Anonymous

    Nokia WoA tablet for sure.

  • Lukas Greb

    I´m not sure, too… But I will probably get a ARM-Tablet for longer battery runtime and a x86/64 laptop for more heavy use. Plus the x64 Desktop. And I will probably start with the ARM-Tablet.

  • Anonymous

    WOA. I’d like a fresh restart (also no viruses and better battery life).

  • JeffSimon

    Why not have ARM to compete with iPad, and x86/64 to whip iPad ass !

  • Geoff Coupe

    If the Metro apps are sufficiently functional by the time I want to invest, then WOA would be sufficient. I want a tablet to be more functional than an iPad – I found handwriting recognition with a stylus on my old HP TX2000 Tablet to be amazing, and perfect for notetaking and writing.

  • Sake

    I’ll get both versions. Currently allready running Windows 8 Consumer Preview on an Acer W500 AMD based tablet. Love it!

  • damen000 – facebook

    the two is very good.

  • Anonymous

    Whichever one runs Visual Studio