Nokia issues new statement about Lumia 800 Battery life, Audio and Camera

As you all have noticed the Nokia Lumia 800 isn’t free of issues since it’s launch back in November. Following the recent patch release and subsequent users complains about it not fixing some of the battery related issues, Audio and Camera quality, the company has released another statement today to set the record straight about what is actually going on. The good news is that Audio and Camera related issues are going to be taken care off in an upcoming updates. From my own experience on the camera front the only thing that has still not been fixed is the Auto-White balance and Auto-Iso settings (Auto-Focus in video mode and Photo color temperature were fixed by the latest update).

On the Subject of the dreaded battery Nokia is telling use that all should be fine now unless you have the missing battery status defect and that your handset shows more than 1000mah of capacity. Based on what I have seen so far this is indeed true because the Diagnostics application does reports fluctuating max battery capacity even-though it doesn’t seems to affect the overall battery life. Nokia doesn’t recommend the use of the Diagnostic app and instead asks the users to check out the Battery Saver sub-menu in the OS’s settings (the remaining battery percentage can’t be trusted either from my own experience: reports are only good for the 2 first battery cycles after a hard reset and then it never goes above 20hrs). Your mileage may vary but I’m now finally having relatively good battery life after one last oddity a few days ago when I lost nearly 50% in standby mode during the night while I was sleeping (seems to have happened to many user on the exact same day so I’m not ruling out a Twitter/Live update service issue on that night that may have caused this). Anyway, if you are still experiencing issues (badly grounded screen…) or if your battery status is gone for good I highly recommend you get you phone repaired or exchanged for a brand new one. I’m having lunch with Nokia next week so I may have some more news for you on this subject.

UPDATE: As I’ve tweeted earlier this morning, the super fast battery drain issue happened again on my phone during the night while in standby (lost 30% in 5 hours after a full charge cycle). So it definitively looks like something is wrong with the device’s power management system. Things are fine for the first 3 full battery cycles then it goes bonkers on the 4th.

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