Nokia Lumia 900 launching March 18th for 99 alongside Titan II for 199

Looks like US residents on will still have to wait a few months before getting their hands on the Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II. The latest inside info revealed today points at a March 18th launch date for both handsets on AT&T. The good news though is the Lumia 900 will be sold at the relatively low entry price of $99 on a 2 year contract while the Titan II will go for $199. This shouldn’t surprise anybody especially those of you who have watched Stephen Elop presentation earlier this month in Las Vegas. The man clearly stated that Nokia will be really aggressive in terms of pricing with the Lumia 900 once it’s introduced on the market later this year.

Rumors are also circulating about an other Lumia 900 SKU (Lumia 910 or Lumia 930) which is said to feature a 12Mp camera and be available on other operators in the US shortly after AT&T’s exclusivity deal ends (in May)and there’s also the European version which is said to come out shortly after. I’ll have lunch with Nokia next week to discuss the Lumia 800 and its issues but will obviously try (probably in vain..) to get some info about all of this.

source: BGR

  • Anonymous

    Ridiculous.  T-Mobile has nothing but crappy 8gb memory, < 4 in. screen offerings.  Where are the big boys like the Titan?  The HTC Radar is a joke, for the aforementioned reasons.  I really don't want to switch providers, but I also want to trade my HD7 in for something more substantial.  Any chance T-Mobile will be getting some high-end phones in soon?  Or will I have to wait until Fall with WP8 is released?

  • Mr. Santos

    Good luck, my friend. You’ve been complaining about your Lumia 800 problems as I’m sure almost every other 800 user will complain. I don’t know who you got a meeting with at Nokia, or how you did it, i guess you got some influence considering how you get new HTC handsets through the mail to review, but let’s hope that you do get some inside info.
    Since it’s Nokia and they probably have some inside info with Microsoft, see if you can find out what exactly is coming with Tango 1 & 2 (if there is a 2), and when we can expect from the update(s). Also if generation 2 handsets will be able to upgrade to WP8 Apollo, because I’m guessing 1st gen won’t.

    Get all the information you can from them! Curiosity is killing us all even though not many people might not comment, we are still rearing your articles!