Windows Phone 8 specifications rumor: Windows 8 kernel and more

My man OIAQ sent me a tweet yesterday about a post on 4PDA.RU which seems to contain inside information about the upcoming Windows Phone 8 OS release (Apollo). The info falls in line with what most of us have been expecting. I just got the chance to check it out and decided to post it just as a heads up (and so that some folks will not say that I’m now completely out of the loop..) so here’s the low down:

- “WOA platforms will require that all desktop binary images be signed with a trusted Microsoft certificate. Any unsigned code will fail to load … This … does not cover Metro Style applications for which there is a separately documented signing requirement and developer licensing”

- “Windows Phone “Apollo” brings together platform parity with Windows 8, experience parity with Windows Phone “Mango”, and a set of new features and functionality developed for Windows Phone “Apollo”.”

- “Platform parity means that the phone OS is now based on the Windows NT kernel instead of the Windows CE kernel. Windows Phone “Apollo” uses the Core System from Windows 8, which is a minimal Windows system that boots, manages its hardware and resources, authenticates and communicates on a network, and can be managed at a basic level.”

-”The final significant changes of note are the adoption of ESENT, also known as Jet, for the database engine, and the managed-code runtime. Rather than using the .NET Compact Framework from Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone ”Apollo” uses the Core CLR produced by the Developer Division at Microsoft.”

-”Only SDHC cards formatted as FAT or exFAT are supported. If the card is unformatted or contains an unsupported format, such as NTFS, the SD card will be formatted according to the SD specification if the user accepts the format prompt. This means that SDHC cards (cards less than or equal to 32GB) will be formatted as FAT”

- “The internal user store will not have this limitation since it is formatted as NTFS”.

-”Texus Shell (TShell) is a tool that allows you to interact with Windows Phone “Apollo” phones via a Windows PowerShell command prompt. You can copy files to the phone, execute processes, attach a debugger, run commands using the phone’s command interpreter, and run test content stored on WTT test servers”

-”The Windows Phone “Apollo” release ports the ambient light, proximity, magnetometer, compass, and gyroscope sensors from Windows Phone “Mango”. It also incorporates the accelerometer, which was a standalone implementation in the previous OS version”,

- “You can use Hyper-V to test x86 builds of the phone OS”

So there you have it folks. Seems highly accurate but treat this a a rumor until the official announcement later this year.

Source: via Twitter

  • Jens Veraa

    The mayor question now is, and everybody wants to know, if is will be available as an update for current windows phone owners.

  • BucksterMcgee

    Yes that it a very interesting question. I guess it comes down to the performance requirements it needs. If it just doesn’t run on older phones, aka 1GHz 512MB ram, then there isn’t a whole lot to be said about it.

    But, if Windows 8 in it’s full form can run on those specs already (which is basically does), I would imagine a pare down version of the core of Windows would be able to run even better.

    In the end I would just want the best experience, and if the older hardware doesn’t give a high enough quality experience, I can’t say I’ll be too upset if they don’t let it upgrade. Besides by then I’ll be up on my contract from my first Windows Phone so a new Apollo one will be good timing.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yup, As I speculated in my previous post I would surprised/disappointed if a flagship device like the Lumia 900, which has yet to be released, wouldn’t be WP8 compatible (same for all 2nd Gen MSM8255 powered handsets)..

  • Jens Veraa

    Yeah I read it the other day. At the moment they are doing so many good things to promote Windows Phone, Nokia back in the game with awesome devices.. IF a few months from now people hear their device cannot be updated I’m sure they’ll get a LOT of complaints and will be in the press all over again with negative feedback (Would be a shame for this wonderful OS!)
    Even Gen1 devices (which are pretty much the same in specifications) should be upgraded. Maybe not the first day, but I love my omnia 7 and would like to have windows phone 8 also on this device!

  • Anonymous

    Well, the most important questions still remain unanswered for me:
    - Will developers get WinRT type capabilities? Native & Managed?
    - DirectX support?

    … yes, I am asking because I want more AAA Games :)

  • Chad_richey

    When Are They Going to Release That “Reference Phone”, still havn’t seen it anywhere…Although it’s similar to the TANIA