Nokia Lumia 900 hitting Europe in June

According to UK’s Carphonehouse the much anticipated Nokia Lumia 900 is expected to the old continent next June. What is not known is if this European version will retain its MDM9200 LTE modem (I guess it won’t and will only have a regular MSM8255 @ 1.4ghz) or if it will offer more on-board storage (16GB is not enough for such a “premium” device IMO). Anyway, will we surely know more about the device’s international launch later next month during MWC.

If this turns out to be the time frame and if Windows Phone 8 is indeed coming at the end of the year then it’d relatively safe to assume that secong generation Winos Phone 7 devices will be upgradeable to the upcoming OS.

source: Carphonehouse thanks to everybody who sent this in

  • Gary

    Thats my replacement for my launch day Omnia7

  • neo darren

    as we know that nokia is still exist for european country. compare with our asian country.