Nokia Transport and Nokia City Lens coming to Nokia Lumia Windows Phones

Nokia is currently putting the finishing touches to the Windows Phone version of Nokia Transport and Nokia City lens (known as Nokia Live View on Symbian and Meego) for their Lumia range of handsets. Both applications were briefly demoed at CES this week and seems to be of the same quality as the Nokia Maps application.
As its name indicates, Nokia Transport is a commute / Public transport navigation application that features the following functionalities:

- Choose from multiple routes and follow the list of directions for buses, trams, underground or trains.
- Smart navigation for walking helps you reach your destination door-to-door.
- Check the next departure times for any stop in your city and easily save your regular commutes to favourites.

Check it out in action below:

Nokia City Lens is an Augmented reality application that will show you the Navteq/ Nokia Maps POIs as you pan around and switch to and overhead map view when you point the phone to the floor (similar to ScanSearch on the LG Optimus 7). It will also launch NOkia Maps (not Bings Maps..) to give you directions to a specific point of interest.

via thenokiablog

  • Tim

    the shite software still does not give your speed camera warnings, what the use ?
    A $400 phone or points and a ban on your driving license – no brainer for me….