Windows Phone Updates: Nothing has changed according to Microsoft

Mary Joe Foley decided to directly get in touch with Microsoft after the now infamous Windows Phone Update blog post that surfaces last night. Here’s what Greg Sullivan, Senior Product Manager on Windows Phone told her:

“Nothing has changed in regard to how we work with carriers to deliver Windows Phone updates to our customers,”

This can very well be true given that, like I noted in the original story last night, the wording of the whole thing wasn’t clear at all. Nowhere did it say that the carriers can now skip more than one update (officially, Mobile operators can only hold delivery for one update and are force to bundle it with the following one). Anyway, I guess that it’s best to wait and see how things will pan out even though I don’t agree at all with the fact that carriers can decided to not push important software fixes and security updates. This whole story just proves one thing…again: Microsoft still can’t get its PR and Marketing right. Shame….

source: All about Microsoft

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    The only thing that needs work is your reading comprehension.