Nokia Lumia 900 to be announced on Monday headed to AT&T

But will it be released in Europe and Asia ? That’s the question on everybody’s lips especially those who are in Europe and didn’t already get a Lumia 800. According to the New York Times Microsoft and Nokia are set to unveil the 4.3inch handset on Monday during the already announced press event in Las Vegas. The same source are also claiming that the Nokia Lumia 900 is supposedly be a “sleek metallic Windows Phone”. Gone is the Polycarbonate? Anyway, it seems like AT&T is getting all the getting all the good stuff lately especially when it comes to Microsoft wares.

UPDATE: Bloomberg is also running the same story and adding that the Nokia Ace will support LTE.

Question to all you  Lumia 800 early adopters (like me): Will your regret your Lumia 800 purchase especially in the face of all the sever bugs and issues that have plagued the handset since it’s commercialization more than a month ago?

source: NYTimes, Bloomberg

  • Anonymous

    Well, with the most recent comments about Carriers ability to “request” updates, I have to seriously think about an unbranded Nokia 900, rather than being saddled with another two years of the AT&T waiting game. Hope Nokia releases an unbranded 900 at the same time. I am eligible for an upgrade in March, but starting to save my duckets for the alternative.

  • Agile Hobo

    I love to see an unbranded Lumia 900 too. Seems it will be the replacement for my Omnia 7.

  • Wittgenfrog

    As a European who currently has an HTC HD7 I’ve held back on uopgrading to see what NOKIA can offer.  I like the Lumi 800, but I’m used to a bigger screen. 
    The 900 sounds good, but I’m now reconsidering my adoption of WP7 in light of MS’s attitude to updatesfixes.

    The entry of NOKIA into the WP7 space looked to bring in a new, more exciting era, but things seem, in fact to have gone into reverse….

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree (as an American).  I’m also wondering about which handset will replace my HD7.  Because my HD7 is working just fine in terms of performance, I’m probably going to hold out until WP8 (Apollo) later this year.  Perhaps we’ll get a better assortment of phones with larger and better screens.

  • Henry

    Its 1.4GHZ processor is good enough to perform faster. I also like other features especially its unique design.