Nokia Lumia 900 render revealed ?

What would be the last the of the year without a nice little leak and rumor? The latest is what looks like a render of the rumored Nokia Lumia 900 aka Nokia Ace that is said to be a bigger Lumia 800 (4.3″ screen) with a front facing camera and Qualcomm MDM9600 for LTE support on AT&T’s network (and a Gyroscope too). Last but not least us European are getting the shaft once again as this device (if it’s indeed real..) is apparently only going to be released in the US just like the Samsung Focus S. Lame, right? Anyway two more pictures after the break.

This could simply be a Photoshop job so let’s wait until January 9th. As of right now all we know for sure is that there are some Nokia LTE handsets prototypes in the wild and that the Nokia Lumia 800 is coming to AT&T. Oh, and that the Lumia 800 is still a severely buggy handset.

source: pocketnow

  • Anonymous

    4.3 in screen?  Not big enough.  I’m on T-Mobile and looking to upgrade my HD7 handset, but the Radar is too small.  Looks like the Lumia 900 won’t fit the bill either, if we get it in the US.  Perhaps I could get the Titan from ATT and then unlock it and use it on the T-Mobile network?

  • mikaswede

    Dual Core? Hope so….

  • Neo Darren

    this is great to know this phone, but does this type sell in indonesia?

  • Hitgrove

    i think.. it would be available.. in india.. too.. :)