LG Fantasy out in the wild

Microsoft Romania is probably looking for a new Windows Phone tester as we speak because one has apparently sold the yet to b announced HTC Fantasy Mango handset to an XDA-dev poster this week. The only thing known right now is that it supposedly sports a 4″ IPS display which isn’t really that exciting anymore given the quality of the SLCD panels used by HTC on the HTC Titan, HTC Radar and all of their new high end smartphones. The back of the phone also reveals a 5Mpix camera. One more picture after the break.

source: XDA-Devs via wmpoweruser

  • http://twitter.com/PCFRIKi Ian Cavalcanti

    The SLCD are IPS. The same display that are being used now on the HTC Titan/Radar, was used in models under 4″ since HTC abandonned the AMOLED (Incredible S, Desire S, Mozart, Trophy -if the unit was good-, Surround, Desire etc).