Microsoft and Nokia wanted to jointly bid to buy RIM

File this under the rumors/whispers tag but given the source it may very well be true. According to the Wall Street Journal’s sources, Microsoft and Nokia were thinking of a joint bid to acquire Research In Motion (RIM) a few months ago. Interestingly Amazon was also in talks to buy the Canadian company around the same time according to Reuters’ sources. The fact that Microsoft and Nokia were thinking of doing this reinforces the feeling that the Finnish mobile giant is definitely more than a simple Windows Phone OEM.

RIM is apparently in such a harsh situation that they have also approached HTC, Samsung and other OEMs to license their OS in hopes to gain back some traction in the smartphone market. As of right now nothing as drastic has happened and all talks are still taking places behind closed doors and thick curtains. RIM is now apparently trying to get itself out of the hole all by itself but the recent announcement of the BlackBerry 10 devices delay (end of 2012) isn’t really reassuring.

source: WSJ, Reuters