Windows Phone in 2012: What are you expecting ?

As you may have noticed interesting news stories have been non existent lately in the windows Phone world and given that I have less time to post I won’t bother posting about every single rumored sales statistics or other meaningless stuff. Unfortunately there’s isn’t much left to talk about now that we are nearing Christmas and the end of the year.

If you are a Nokia Lumia 800 owner I’m sure that you are eagerly waiting to the promised January Firmware update that should fix the battery issues (and hopefully this one included!) alongside other bugs and camera improvements. Speaking of the camera, Nokia’s Digital Imaging Guru Damian Dinning has once again tweeted that “improvements” are coming to the Lumia 800′s camera and noted that even though the hardware is the same as the Nokia N9 the “image processing is completely different”. Obvious given that the two handset have different OS’s and SoCs. It should also be noted the Lumia 800 (and 710) is Nokia’s first Qualcomm powered device so it’s normal that everything isn’t yet fully functional and bug free.

2012 is going to be a big year especially for Microsoft with the expected launch of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. So my question to you guys (and gals) is: What do you expect in terms of innovation form Microsoft in the mobile space in the next 12 months? Do you think that Windows Phone 8 is going to be unveiled in February during MWC exactly two years after Windows Phone 7 and one year after Mango or is Tango going to take the center stage this time (with a immediate launch) while Windows Phone 8 will be announced later / closer to it’s availability? Last be not least: Are you happy about the current (non-existent?) Windows Phone Marketing and the fact that Microsoft is merely relying on Nokia to do this (especially in Europe) ?

  • Brandon

    I want to see a Nokia Lumia 900 (ace) on verizon by april, a sub$500 windows8 tablet by july, and windowsphone Apollo by October

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see the option to sync directly to my PC (via USB or Bluetooth) and full compatibility with Outlook (i.e. tasks, categories, etc.).  I’m also hoping for more of a handset selection from T-Mobile. 

  • Jibberish 18

    I’m expecting the Adreno 220 to be the obvious next choice of processors in the Windows Phone series…that is if Microsoft allows Dual Cores. Optimized Dual Cores…Yum. Oh and that 220 GPU is no slouch.

  • Anonymous

    Well, here in Spain at least i’ve seen many times the typical Nokia 800 advertisement on the TV, but also the HTC Radar sometimes. Also Microsoft here have a generical Windows 7/Windows Phone 7 advertisement on the TV. And looks like people are beginning to understand what the hell are a Windows Phone. 

  • hunter2

    I want to see some usable location services for people outside the US. Searching for anything local is an absolute failure if you’re a non-us resident. The other day I tried to find the address for the nearest best buy in an area I was unfamiliar with. Comparing the results between my phone and my wife’s iPhone were laughable. According to Bing the nearest best buy was about 45 minutes away. According to my wife’s iPhone there were 2 within 15 minutes.

    To add insult to injury, where android and ios will allow you to simply visit the stores website and will transform the address into a clickable link that opens the mapping app, WP7 does nothing of the sort (at least not in Canada).

  • Rudy Zeinoun

    I’d like improvements to notifications and multi-tasking, as their current state makes them very annoying.
    (Details: toast notifications disappear with no trace or icon on the lock screen, and multitasking relaunches apps when clicked on their tiles/name in app list and I don’t want to always hold Back to keep track of what’s still open, this is “counter-simple”, opposite of what MS wants its new OS to be).Also, I’d like to see Marketplace and other services in all countries not just a small number.

  • Gjdk

    Open the US services for foreign countries, this would be a major update for them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Me

    I know this sounds like an immature comment, but I want a kick-ass OS! what i mean by that is that just yesterday I compared my Mango’s (running on HTC Surround) browser speed with my friend’s iphone 4 (running the latest ios5 or whatever it is) and the icrap blew my phone away in loading pages! Considering that both run on similar hardware specs, it’s quite depressing! I want MS to do with their phone OS what they did with ie in version 9! They made it so fast, reliable, secure, advanced, beautiful, etc. that in most unbiased browser comparisons that I have seen to date, it came on top of all other browsers (including chrome and FF). That’s what MS needs to do, the hardware (with Nokia) is there (or can get tehre), the software is the one that needs to improve imo!

  • MobileTechWorld

    Well technically the iPhone 4 is a whole lot more powerful than your HTC surround so the page loading speed is rightfully slower on your device. The new Mango phones powered by the MSM8255 clocked at 1.4/5Ghz are a good improvement in this department but the iPhone 4 (and more so the 4S) are still more powerful in terms of hardware.

  • MSNerd

    i want WP8, or at least a WP 7.5 phone fully compatible to upgrade.
    I want an HTC, Samsung or Nokia with Nokia 800, plus all the (few?) hardware things Nokia 800 failed.
    I want it fully compatible with Windows 8 and Xbox.

  • Me

    I’m not pretending like I know a lot about the architectural design of the chips, all I went by was the fact that the iphone had a 1GHz processor and so does my Surround! (At least when it comes to music, my phone has been unbeaten so far :)

  • Jibberish 18

    Now what makes you say that? The iPhone 4 has an 800Mhz Cortex A8 optimized by Apple. The GPU is weaker than the one in the 2nd Gen .45nm Snapdragon Processors. I don’t really see it as more powerful. Please explain?

    As for Internet Explorer Mobile, Microsoft did state that IE updates would come separate from OS updates. So it’s entirely possible you’ll see IE10 when Windows 8 comes out…then again they may release another update by then as well. I’ve done tests as my wife has an iPhone 4 and I can tell you that in just about every test I’ve done, the iPhone 4 matched my Samsung Focus S, whether it was Sunspider or HTML5 Demos. But remember, this is a browser thing and let’s be real, IE9 and it’s Trident rendering engine has NEVER been able to compete with Webkit and it’s raw speed.

  • Jibberish 18

    I’d also like to mention that I compared loading websites on my Focus S and the wife’s iPhone4 and the page loads seem to be similar if not the same on most popular sites (Engadget, Gizmodo, etc.)

  • Teri

    From the looks of it, if we take a leaf from the Android HTC’s running on Dual Core, Windows might pick any one of these

     1. Qualcomm MSM8660 Snapdragon with Dual-core 1.5 GHz Scorpion & Adreno 2201. Qualcomm MSM8660 Snapdragon with Dual-core 1.5 GHz Scorpion & Adreno 220

    2. Qualcomm APQ8060 Snapdragon with Dual-core 1.2 GHz Scorpion & Adreno 220


    My question is, Do you think it possible (or likely) for microsoft to open up to other Chipset & Processor types, Like the Exynos with Dual-core 1.4 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 & Mali-400MP used on the Galaxy Note?


    I mainly ask this because i was planning on getting the Note for it’s hardware specs then hoping Apollo would open up support for more chipsets then i can just pull a HTC HD2 on the Note & switch OS’



  • MobileTechWorld

    Microsoft is being tight lipped about future SoC certification for Windows Phone 8 and didn’t even comment on the ST-E / Nokia announcement last month either (even Nokia didn’t issue any statement so ST-E may be BStting us..).

    As of right now Qualcomm is still the only certified SoC manufacturer for WP and is currently working on WP8 support. NVIDIA has also recently stated that it’s hoping to be powering future Windows Phone so it’s all open for speculation right now. I wouldn’t bet on Samsung’s Exynos though as it’s a fairly niche SoC (only used by Samsung themselves).

    If it was me I would stick to Qualcomm (to prevent any fragmentation) and jump straight to the upcoming Krait SoC’s for the higher end devices (first one will have an Adreno 220 GPU variant).

    Anyway, besides Microsoft and the OEMs nobody really knows what is really going to happen right.

    PS.Forget about the Note running WP7/8 given that nobody has been able to port WP7 to a Android devices (even with similar specs) or even port Android to a WP7 device.