Skydrive Application for Windows Phone and iOS released

Microsoft has just released the official SkyDrive application for Windows Phone 7 and iOS today. As you most probably know the SkyDrive cloud storage service is already partially integrated in the Office hub in windows Phone but lacks a lot of features that should have been there in the first place like document deletion, folder creation etc. This new application now fixes this but one would hope the all these new functionlaities will be fully integrated in a future version of the OS  and won’t require the users to download an application especially on Microsoft’s own platform. The iOS versions is essentially identical to the WP7 one. Check out a video of it in action after the break:

Ironically the IOS version is currently available in iTunes before Microsoft’s won Windows Phone app. One a side note, Microsoft has also released the previously windows Phone exclusive Kinectimals and Halo Waypoint app on iOS today. Windows Phone marketing at its finest… /s

UPDATE: Oh and Kinectimals is cheaper on iOS than on Windows Phone in Europe; €2.39 vs €2.99 thanks for the info DerbrotKasten..

UPDATE 2: You can download SkyDrive for Windows Phone 7 right here.

  • Anonymous

    I have nothing against Microsoft putting its app on Android or iPhone, but NOT CHEAPER or Better come’on…………

  • Yohan Amant

    Yep, that’s makes you wonder… What’s the plan here? Are they doing like for the 1 gen Xbox? Let the platform die and come back strong on the 2nd gen? Are the trying to lure the IOS users too use the MS services to then cut them from it and force them to switch for WP8 when its time comes. I sure hope so but this policy keeps me confuse for sure.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad they *still* can’t get the live tile color to match the theme.  Similar issue with the Weather app.  How hard can that be?