Qualcomm licenses Imagination Technologies PowerVR IP

File this under the: Strange but possible tag. Buried in Imagination Technologies interim financial results today is the following information:


Strong licensing activities

  • Addition of several new key partners including MStar, Ricoh, Qualcomm, Rockchip
  • Many new and extended agreements with existing partners including Sony, Intel, Mediatek, Renesas, Samsung, Sigma, Realtek

This is as far I know the first mention of Qualcomm as a PowerVR IP licensee ever and really interesting given that the San Diego chip manufacturer currently develops its own GPU and graphics IP after its acquisition of ATI’s mobile division a few years ago. The timing would suggest that Qualcomm may have licensed the Rogue GPU IP but until we have more detail we can only speculate at this point. If that was the case then I wouldn’t expect to see any PowerVR tech in QC’s SoC until after the Krait generation of chips (unless the licensing deal is nothing more that patents stuff after all).

Imagination Technologies is currently on top of the mobile game as it is present in the vast majority of the smartphones and handles being sold (and Samsung has just licensed their IP again for future use).

source: Imagination Technologies

  • Geraintwynjones

    its thought the licence is for video technology not gpu (although this could happen inthe future)

  • Geraintwynjones

    Jefferies analyst Lee Simpson said it was “a strong set of numbers fortified by the news that Qualcomm is on board”.

    Smith said customers were shipping chips carrying more and more of its higher-priced technology.

    “They can take graphics, they can take graphics and/or video, they can take our display technologies, and we find they are taking an increasing number of technologies in each unit that they ship,” he said.

    Licensing was particularly strong in the half, Smith said, with new deals signed with existing partners Sony, Intel and Samsung, and new customers including MStar, and Qualcomm, the world’s largest wireless chip maker, which is taking its display technology.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000738940938 Moosa Mahsoom

    Adreno 225. the initial gpu of the snapdragon 4 is said to be a rival to the powervr sgx543mp2. the adreno 3xx may challenge the powervr series6

  • Asdf

    Hopefully the adreno 225 will be able to match or beat the PVR540 from two years ago…unlike their latest adreno220 that barely tops the 205 lol