DLNA and other features coming soon to the Nokia Lumia 800 ?

I was just messing around with the latest Nokia Lumia 800 firmware in hopes to figure out what is going on with the Battery Status bug on one of my handsets when I stumbled upon several interesting things within the firmware package. First off the firmware package is dated November 18th and contains things that we didn’t even know about. The most interesting one is that the Lumia 800 does indeed already support DLNA but is apparently awaiting an official Nokia application to make fully functional (check out the screenshot below for the system/drivers files).

Other interesting tid-bits are as followed:

- The Direct3D Adreno20X drivers are dated July 27th 2011
- The capacitive touch digitizer is an ATMEL mXT224 (and is still badly configured..too sensitive)
- The Lumia 800 uses eMMC NAND memory
- The WiFi controller is a Broadcom BRCM4329 (like most WP7 devices and is WiFi-Hospot compatible)
- The Camera drivers are dated November 8th 2011
- The device packs an AKM8975 3-axis Magnetic sensor
- All SoC packages are labeled 7×30 and not 8X55 but this seems to be case for all Mango phones powered by the MSM8255 (odd..I know)

Nothing really groundbreaking here besides the DLNA drivers but its always good to have as much info as possible on the hardware you bought. Anyway, I think that it’s now fairly safe to assume that Nokia will release a DLNA application for the Lumia 800 and 710 in the near future (all WP7 OEMs have it enabled now) but I sure hope that they will fix the truckload of bugs and issues prior to that.