Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone released alongside Xbox Live app for iPhone and iPad

The Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone 7 is finally available for download today if you are the proud owner of an XBOX 360 console (I’m not so I can’t test it for you sorry). If you own an iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) Microsoft has also released an Xbox Live application which brings the basic Xbox Live functionalities found in the first iteration of Windows Phone 7 and the Xbox Extras app to Apple’s best selling platform.

Now if Microsoft took the time to develop and release a similar application for Zune on the PC I would be even happier…cause this was one of the first app that Apple developed for iOS a few years ago (iTunes Remote).

Source: Windows Phone Marketplace, iTunes

  • Yohan Amant

    Actually you can browse the zune librairy (not yours though) with this app, wich is pretty neat by the way!

  • Me

    dude, if you dont have an xbox 360, you’re missing out! trust me :)