T-Mobile and Nokia announcement on December 14th: The Nokia Lumia 710

Could this be the official announcement of the US version of the Nokia Lumia 800 or simply the Nokia Lumia 710? We won’t know until December 14th when T-Mobile an Nokia will hold a joint event at 7PM (PST or EST?). Anyway not much else to say here other than “enjoy the rest of you week”.

UPDATE: This FCC filing confirms that it is indeed the Nokia Lumia 710 headed to T-Mobile US. You can download the user manual directly from here (pdf) (thanks for the tip guys).

source: Engadget

  • William Steele

    Considering that it has a “Metro” theme… I’d say it was the 800!

  • Jeroen Vos

    Doesn’t the Lumia 710 also have Windows Phone, so also Metro theme… i’d say it can still be both.

  • Me

    I’m just wondering as to why you’re limiting the options to the two existing phones? Could it not be a new phone (fingers crossed)?