T-Mobile and Nokia announcement on December 14th: The Nokia Lumia 710

Could this be the official announcement of the US version of the Nokia Lumia 800 or simply the Nokia Lumia 710? We won’t know until December 14th when T-Mobile an Nokia will hold a joint event at 7PM (PST or EST?). Anyway not much else to say here other than “enjoy the rest of you week”.

UPDATE: This FCC filing confirms that it is indeed the Nokia Lumia 710 headed to T-Mobile US. You can download the user manual directly from here (pdf) (thanks for the tip guys).

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First Nokia Lumia 800 update released

The first Nokia Lumia 800 firmware update has just started to roll out today and is the v. 1600.2479.7740.11451 has I have told you last week. This one includes the following fixes:

- Charging improvements
- Voicemail notification improvement
- Replying to mail improved for Microsoft Exchange 2003 users
- Improved display switching in bright light
- Improved audio quality

Only one of my Lumia 800 got it because it apparently requires the 7440.16 build of the OS to be already on the handset. So if your Lumia 800 is still running the 7420 build of Mango you’ll have to wait a little bit before receiving the update notification. A second firmware update which will further improve the battery and hopefully the camera is planned for January.

UPDATE: The Camera software has been updated too as there is now a Flicker Reduction option in there as you can see in the picture below. The screen over-sensitivity seems to also have been fixed (needs more testing to confirm it’s unfortunately not fixed yet). The auto-focus issue in camcorder mode seems to also be fixed (will need more testing too nope seems to be the same as before) I’ll check out the camera quality later on and report back here.

UPDATE 2: The phone no longer display its battery status and only shows a question mark instead…not good..will try to run the thing down and see if it recalibrates itself afterwards.

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Verizon: No Windows Phones unless it supports LTE

Waiting for Verizon to finally offer a Mango handset this year ? Don’t waist your time because the company’s chief market officer, Marni Walden, has officially stated that the carrier won’t push Microsoft’s mobile OS unless the devices support LTE (the HTC Trophy is still on sale though).

“We’ve communicated to Microsoft that LTE is critical to us,” she said. “We need to see a timeline that makes sense if we want to continue to represent them.”

It doesn’t get lamer than that, right? The latest rumor is that Nokia is preparing an LTE version of the Lumia 800 for AT&T so it’s safe to assume that this one would also be carried by Verizon too but then again this is nothing more than a rumor. Keep in mind that to support LTE a 2nd generation Windows Phone 7 device will have to feature a Qualcomm MDM9600 multi-modem alongside it’s MSM8655 SoC.

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