Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone to be released on December 6th

Ready for some real Microsoft ecosystem cross platform integration? The Xbox Companion app will finally launch tomorrow (December 6th) alongside the consoles fall dashboard update according to Microsoft’s Major Nelson. This new Xbox Companion app will let you remotely control your Xbox 360 console through your Windows phone 7 handset similarly to a DLNA remote and will also give you access to some of the new console feature like Bing to search the unified Xbox catalog for movies, TV shows, music, games and apps.

source: M.Nelson

  • Teri


    I know you might have already covered this on your blog somewhere (though i can’t find it) & it’s not directly related to this post, bit do you have an idea of when they will add the USSD & Sim Toolkit options on Windows Phone 7? I was about to buy the Titan  then learnt there still wasn’t any Sim Toolkit on Mango.

    I need to egt a new phone because my iPhone is on ot’s aldt legs (keeps going off abruptly during the day) & i REALLY don’t want to get an android phone.


  • MobileTechWorld

    There’s a Sim Applications sub-menu in the Settings of the HTC Titan (and Nokia Lumia 800) that allows you to setup your carriers options. Don’t know if this is the SIM Toolkit that you are looking for though..

  • Teri

    If it’s the same Sim Applications sub menu as the one on the iPhone then that’s the one i was talking about. It allows access to M-Commerce applications whose importace here is equivalent of VISA/PayPal in the West.

    Thankyou Kindly :-)