Carrier IQ not present on Windows Phones

I’m sure that you’ve all already hear about the Carrier IQ mess that’s been making the headlines today and which started earlier last month after Trevor Eckhart over at the XDA-Devs forums found out about the tracking software on most Android handsets. As it turns out more than 121Million devices have the Carrier IQ installed logging phone usage, keystrokes etc and sending everything to the carriers or OEMS. HTC, Samsung Sprint AT&T Apple (prior to iOS5) etc are all involved. If you are a Windows Phone users you should then be happy to know than none of the WP7 devices are “infected” by this according to Joe Belfiore. Nokia has also issued a statement saying that none of their devices have it either (this includes S40, Symbian, WP7, Meego phones)

source: Twitter (more coverage here, here)

  • Anonymous

    MS should emphasize this in their WP7 commercials/ads.

    “Windows Phone 7, the smartphone that doesn’t phone home.”