Carrier IQ not present on Windows Phones

I’m sure that you’ve all already hear about the Carrier IQ mess that’s been making the headlines today and which started earlier last month after Trevor Eckhart over at the XDA-Devs forums found out about the tracking software on most Android handsets. As it turns out more than 121Million devices have the Carrier IQ installed logging phone usage, keystrokes etc and sending everything to the carriers or OEMS. HTC, Samsung Sprint AT&T Apple (prior to iOS5) etc are all involved. If you are a Windows Phone users you should then be happy to know than none of the WP7 devices are “infected” by this according to Joe Belfiore. Nokia has also issued a statement saying that none of their devices have it either (this includes S40, Symbian, WP7, Meego phones)

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Nokia Lumia 900 rumor

Another day goes by and another rumor is sees the light of the day. This time it’s the return of the mythical Nokia Ace now dubbed the Nokia Lumia 900 which is said to be nothing more than a Lumia 800 with a 4.3″ screen (CBD AMOLED) instead of 3.7″ and only US bound (early 2012) and will be running Windows Phone Tango. Chances of this being true ? I don’t know but let’s thinker a bit here… a 4.3″ WVGA AMOLED display would look like crap unless it’s has an RGB matrix which is currently exclusive to Samsung in the form of the Super AMOLED Plus panel used on the Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Focus S. Now, given that Samsung is also the manufacturer of the AMOLED panels on Nokia’s devices it’s safe to assume that this rumored Nokia Lumia 900 sports a PenTile Matrix panel. But why wouldn’t it have an RGB panel you say? Well like I said; Samsung is keeping it to themselves for now on (it’s one of the main selling feature for their SII and Focus S phones) and even Motorola got handed a crappy 4.3″ QHD PenTile panel for their top of the line Razr handset.

More surprising things have happened before so maybe this Nokia Lumia 900 is indeed coming soon with a super amazing AMOLED panel or maybe not. Where’s my salt?

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