Windows Phone 7 Amazon application updated with Barcode scanning feature and full Mango support

The official Amazon Mobile application for Windows Phone 7 has finally been updated/compiled for Mango today (v1.5) and now also includes the Barcode scanning feature that was first demonstrated during the MIX11 keynote in Las Vegas a several months ago.

* Scan It: use your device camera to scan a barcode to check prices and availability.
* Pin barcode scan to Live tile: From Start screen, click to instantly open barcode scan tool and search for products.
* Fast application switching: switch from Amazon Mobile to other apps then return to where you left off.
* We hate bugs as much as you do (so we fixed a bunch)

You can download it directly from here.

HTC Titan available right now for 0.01 on AT&T

Just a quick heads up to let you know that the HTC Titan is now available for only $0.01 on AT&T right now similar to the Samsung Focus S and Samsung Focus Flash on a 2 year Contract. Hit the banner below to order one of the three Mango devices.

Update: Acutally every single US smartphone is sold for a penny on Amazon this week. Hit the banner below: