Nokia Drive on Windows Phone: It's lacking a whole lot of features

I’m guessing many of you have been wondering why I recently said that Nokia Drive on windows Phone was far inferior to Google Navigation on Android. Well, simply because it’s an undeniable fact. The only thing that Nokia Drive currently has over Google Navigation is the Offline maps but even this is render useless simply because the application currently requires an active data connection to do the routing calculation (Nokia has recently sated that they will “fix” this in a future version..). Everything else is simply superior on Google Navigation or even most of the other GPS navigation offerings out there. Here’s a list of what’s currently missing in Nokia Drive:

- No remaining time until arrival displayed during navigation (it’s only noted during 5 secs on summery screen before the navigation starts)
- No Directions breakdown list: WTF? Even Bing Maps and Nokia Maps have it.
- POIs are useless: You can’t tap on them
- No way to save or favorite a location: only recent destinations/searches are automatically saved in a history list that can be manually cleared
- No traffic data, No Public Transit Data
- No way to have more than one itinerary unless you stop/cancel the current one and manually re-calculate another one (wtf again?)
- Requires an active Data connection to do the routing calculation even-though it has offline maps loaded on the device
- More missing stuff that I can’t remember right now

Anyway check out my hands-on video below (after the break):

The thing is that Ovi Maps has been split in two applications: Nokia Maps (which is pretty nice) and Nokia Drive. This is why the later lacks most of the common features found in a navigation application and this frankly sucks. But it’s all free so no need to complain right?
By the way; Microsoft can you finally encrypt the XAP/Apps in the Marketplace now?

  • Guest

    Way simpler way to put this: Nokia Drive sucks.

  • Andy

    Although….. in some ways it does what is says on the tin….. All I wanted is a something free that can take 7 digit postcodes (in the UK) and get me there. It does.

    For some reason bing voice navigation (despite being in UK) just doesn’t work on my phone… MS answers were useless.
    Navigon 4 only has 5 digit postcodes


    Well, first and foremost – Nokia Drive is not meant to be the WP platform navigation solution that Google Maps is to Android; this application is a free application for ‘Nokia’ devices only.  And if more intensive, feature rich navigation solutions are necessary, this is why Navigon and/or Garmin StreetPilot is available for all WP users.

    So, if you’re looking for a Google Maps app, get an Android device; if you want something other than Nokia Drive, search the marketplace – should be something there to suit your needs.

    And were you really expecting a premium experience using this hijacked application on your pissing Samsung?

  • Rikkirik

    I just read an article where a business man was using the Nokia Lumia 800 for two weeks in Germany. This business man owned a Iphone and 2 Blackberry’s. But the two weeks experience with the Lumia (in which he also used the Nokia Drive app), made him want to axe his Blackberry’s and Iphone. He was very positive about the Lumia 800 for business men. I guess that for the practicle daily use the phone suits just fine.

  • Michael Farrell

    Can you compare the difference in cost using the 2 while roaming?  Google Navigation is going to eat up a hell of a lot of data compare to what Nokia Drive is going to eat up.

    Try flying to paris and doing that 15 minute journey to the Efile tower and be shocked at your $50 dollar bill. 

  • Michael Farrell

    Garmin already tested this and look at the costs! This was with satellite view off, can you imagine the cost with it on?

    The top 10 travel destinations in France (according to Travelerinc) along with the cost of using satellite navigation on a mobile for a return journey from Calais if maps are downloaded over the mobile network (based on 20 pence per megabyte):

    1. Paris, 185 miles, £742. Avignon, 614 miles, £245.603. Saint-Tropez, 730 miles, £2924. Grenoble, 540 miles, £2165. Marseille, 667 miles, £266.806. Lyon, 474 miles, £189.607. Cannes, 747 miles, £298.808. Bordeaux, 540 miles, £2169. Valence, 539 miles, £215.6010. Saint-Etienne, 510 miles, £204

  • Nemi

    Hence, consumers are not getting WP7. Because like you mentioned, “Nokia Drive is not meant to be the WP platform navigation solution that Google Maps is to Android”. Consumers need phones that actually works. If WP7 does not suit their needs, why bother at all?

    WP7 is indeed sucks as compared to other OS. Especially its very OWN BING Maps.

  • Michael Prince

    I have to agree with some of the data costs, it makes the offline feature a big deal once they fix the routing problem; even if they don’t it will still use a lot less data. A friend of mine recently traveled from the U.S to Italy and used their android phone as a navigation device. They got slammed with a $1000 bill when they got back.

    In saying all that, I disagree that Nokia Drive is not intended to be a premium GPS app. Nokia owns NAVTEQ, they should ‘kill’ in this space. It’s possible that Nokia doesn’t want to put it’s customers (Garmin etc.) out of business, but there is a fine line as they may go to the google offering.

    Competition is a good thing, hopefully Google and Nokia will leapfrog each other in time leading to better products for the consumer. Back in the days where Nokia ruled, they seemed to drag their feet a little in releasing new features to all their handsets, I don’t want to go back to those days.

  • Anonymous

    I think you are missing the point of “Drive” (the clue is in the name). It is a simple interface for use when you are driving, without too many distractions.

    I use a dedicated satnav (TomTom) and so the key thing that is missing for me is POIs at destination (not my current location) as I use this to find parking on a regular basis. I would also like to see both ETA and distance remaining, only one can be selected at any one time (if you select the box you can choose what to display).

    The need for an internet connection is inexcusable and needs to be fixed.

  • Anonymous

    Oh God, shut up you worthless little sh*t, and take your trolling ass somewhere else. I’m a former Android user, and WP7 wipes the frickin’ floor with it you dumb douche. Android is an ugly, unintuitive, laggy, fragmented, malware-ridden piece of shit.

  • Bee

    I think a lot of you are missing the point. Nokia Drive on Symbian is fully featured (save location, search favourites, etc etc). Nokia Drive on Windows is just not in the game. I bought a Lumia 710 to replace my C7 and am absolutely disapointed with the Maps. Damn shame really, Maps was the deciding factor for me purchasing the Lumia.