The Samsung Focus S and Focus Flash are available on AT&T for free

Samsung new Windows Phone 7 Mango handsets are available on AT&T right now. The Samsung Focus S will set you back $149.99 on a 2 year contract while the lower end Samsung Focus Flash is only $0.01 on the same 2 year contract. If I had to recommend one I would obviously tell you to go for the Focus S and it’s gorgeous Super AMOLED + screen… Hit the links below for more info.

UPDATE 21 Nov 2011: The Focus S is now priced at $0.01!

Nokia Drive on Windows Phone: It’s lacking a whole lot of features

I’m guessing many of you have been wondering why I recently said that Nokia Drive on windows Phone was far inferior to Google Navigation on Android. Well, simply because it’s an undeniable fact. The only thing that Nokia Drive currently has over Google Navigation is the Offline maps but even this is render useless simply because the application currently requires an active data connection to do the routing calculation (Nokia has recently sated that they will “fix” this in a future version..). Everything else is simply superior on Google Navigation or even most of the other GPS navigation offerings out there. Here’s a list of what’s currently missing in Nokia Drive:

- No remaining time until arrival displayed during navigation (it’s only noted during 5 secs on summery screen before the navigation starts)
- No Directions breakdown list: WTF? Even Bing Maps and Nokia Maps have it.
- POIs are useless: You can’t tap on them
- No way to save or favorite a location: only recent destinations/searches are automatically saved in a history list that can be manually cleared
- No traffic data, No Public Transit Data
- No way to have more than one itinerary unless you stop/cancel the current one and manually re-calculate another one (wtf again?)
- Requires an active Data connection to do the routing calculation even-though it has offline maps loaded on the device
- More missing stuff that I can’t remember right now

Anyway check out my hands-on video below (after the break):

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