Driver update to improve the Nokia Lumia 800 camera in the works

Based on what the earlier users and from the samples publicly available the pictures and videos outputted by Nokia Lumia 800 8MP camera don’t a good quality right now even when compared to the Nokia N9 which features exactly the same sensor and Carl Zeiss optics. I personally don’t have any first hands experience here and frankly the video samples and pictures that have been posted so far aren’t that good principally because the person using the handset simply doesn’t know how to shoot a correctly lit picture or video. I’m still amazed to see blurry sample videos on YouTube simply because the user tried to focus on a dark subject/object with a overly white background = this won’t work because the continuous auto-focus system is based on contrast so the focus will be on the brighter part of the scene…don’t blame the camera here).

Anyway, Nokia is thankfully working on a software / driver update that should elevate most of the problems (mainly color temperature and noise in low light condition I guess).

working on sw updates to both to improve performance, no further details for now.

source: Twitter via WMpoweruser